NECB Graduation 2011 – Alumni “Induction Speech”

On June 4, 2011 New England College of Business and Finance had yet another graduation. What makes this graduation unique, beside the many accomplished individuals, is that this is only the second alumni association induction in NECB history. Here is a pic of some of the graduates in attendance. We thought it fitting to start the speech series (for those of you who could not attend the ceremony) with the Alumni Address.


Alumni Address to Graduates of 2011

by Rik Cudmore, MBE 2010, President of NECB Alumni Association


President Horton, Distinguished Guests, Faculty, Staff and Graduating Class of 2011 it is my honor to be here today to welcome the Class of 2011 to the Alumni Association of the New England College of Business and Finance. It was only one short year ago that the college held commencement for the first group of Master’s Students in both the Finance and Business Ethics and Compliance programs as well as Bachelors and Associates degree programs. My wife and I had just had our daughter, Fiona, three days before, but they were able to attend and won the “oohs” and “awwws” of all in attendance that day.


In the past year my daughter has grown, and grown, and grown and changed from that little bundle fresh to the world. And as a graduating class of 2010 we too have grown and experienced change. Some of our graduates have experienced career growth, Yakota obtained a position in the Compliance Department at Sovereign Bank, Natalie moved to Colorado and has assumed a position as Strategic Analyst, and I started a Financial Advisor practice. Although some may think that this is not consistent with a degree in Business Ethics and Compliance, I would argue that such a degree has served as a solid foundation on which to build my practice. It certainly is consistent with the direction we are seeing the regulatory environment move and thus serves as an example that the education you have received here is forward thinking and holds opportunity as we have moved into the next decade. These are but a few examples of the opportunities graduates, both graduate and undergraduate of 2010 have experienced since completing their degrees and there are more that our alumni have experienced.


Success however started before that! The graduating class of 2010 like the class of 2011 all put in long hours, made sacrifice that took us away from our families and friends for a brief time, which is what it was in the grand scheme of life, to better ourselves and by extension those around us. By sitting here today you already are seeing the benefits that your hard work has resulted in . . . pride in your accomplishment and the admiration of those looking on. 


It is now time for you to move from student to alumni and begin the next leg of your journey. Last year, a group of graduates from both the MBE and MFS programs began the New England College of Business and Finance Alumni Association, with the Mission

“…  to create, maintain and enhance lifelong relationships between the college, its faculty, and its alumni, fostering mutual loyalty, interest and support as partners in each other’s success.”

Over the past year we have explored a number of initiatives that would meet this objective, whether it is providing a network for those seeking career opportunities, continuing education, networking or simply showing your school pride through our apparel line, including class rings.

The Alumni only works though if you, the alumni, are involved. We come from diverse backgrounds and locations but like our educational experience, we are used to being at a physical distance from each other but achieve our common goal. The Alumni Association is still in its infancy and continues to grow and as distinguished graduating classes such as yours join our ranks, I have no doubt that the success we will share in will continue to expand exponentially.


It is therefore my honor and privilege to say Congratulations to the Class of 2011, Master’s. Bachelors, Associates and those awarded certificates and Welcome to your Alumni Association!   

Here is Rik with Fiona (mentioned in the address) at the ceremony:

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